Main Campus Extracurricular Activities

QSI of Shenzhen Main Campus offers a large variety of cultural activities after school. There are many thing to choose from and everyone will find something they will want to be a part of. Students 11–13 are also encouraged to interact with students from other schools in activities such as the Math Olympiad and Model United Nations.

Main Campus Cultural Activities

Cultural Events are a big part of the school climate. We engage in a variety of competitions and events through ACAMIS with such activities as Chess, Math Olympiad, Model United Nations (MUN) and Knowledge Bowl. These events often require travel to other international schools and are set up as clubs which meet either during lunch or after school to train students for their roles at the ACAMIS events. There are also large scale drama productions twice a year for students 9–13 years old. Along with art, technology and music, these cultural events are just as well supported as the sporting events.

Knowledge Bowl is a trivia competition among International Schools that are a part of ACAMIS.  Students who enjoy history, news, or plain old trivia will find this a fun and challenging activity. As an ACAMIS event, there is a charge to cover fees and travel, but the experience is well worth the cost. A great experience for those who enjoy working with a team and meeting students from a wide range of other schools.
After School Band

After School Band meets twice a week and is the perfect place for students who want to improve on their instrument playing. This extra time gives students a chance to get more and longer instruction than in a classroom. The After School Band plays more songs, and more difficult ones, than students learn in class. If you love music and enjoy playing with others this activity is the best choice for you! After School Band plays at all concerts, and occasionally for other special events as well.

ACAMIS Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad is a fun but challenging competition that relies as much on teamwork as it does on quick and accurate computations. Though good math skills are an asset, there are also contests that require thinking outside the box. Age-level teams composed of four students from 11-, 12-, and 13-year-olds classes train for a couple of months before joining the international school competition sponsored by ACAMIS.

After School Strings Club

After School Strings meets once or twice per week after school. This provides an opportunity for students who want to play string instruments. There are no strings during the school day, so those who enjoy this type of instrument need to come out and play with others that love it just as much. Strings plays in all concerts, and also at times for special events such as assemblies or parent nights.

Art Club

Art Club meets once a week. The Art Club is a great way to get more time to perfect your art skills with close teaching from some teachers. Whether making pottery, painting, helping with the sets of middle school dramas, or whatever type of art sparks your interest, you can find some help and challenge in the Art Club. You will also find a lot of others who share your passion for art, so come on out and give it a try! Ages 9–13 are welcome.

Art Competition

Art Competition This is a one-day competition in May for 40 students from QSI Shenzhen ages 6–14 to compete with students from other International and local schools in an off-campus site. Students are selected from those interested, based on their work in art class. If you enjoy art, especially drawing, be sure to let your art teacher know you want to be a part!

Chess Club

The Main Campus Chess Club is open to students from 9 to 13 years of age. Even if you do not yet know how to play chess, but would like to, this is a great activity. Lots of instruction, but even more, the  chance to play, play, play against others at your level—or a bit better—to help you master one of the oldest games of all. Chess meets once a week and chess matches are arranged to give students the opportunity to play with students from other schools.

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) is a very formal event that helps prepare students who are interested in public speaking, committee work, and global issues. Students become delegation members from a country and work with students from other schools representing other nations to build consensus and accomplish the behind-the-scenes work that occurs everyday in the real world. Issues of concern to the nations represented are presented to the entire delegation and students work hard to find solutions to these problems. This a great experience for those who are good speakers—or wish to be.

Programming Club

Programming Club is open to all students from the 9- to 13-year-olds classes. Students learn to use programming for games, academics and fun. During the year students also learn how to create and program various robotics—cars, trains, and such—to accomplish several tasks.  This a high-interest and very useful club, that meets once each week throughout the school year. Maybe you can program something to do your homework?