Welcome to the Middle School at QSI Shenzhen!

Middle school is such an exciting time in the life of any student.  We understand that middle school students stand on the bridge between childhood and young adulthood, and we know it takes a caring, structured approach to guide the middle school student towards success that they will carry with them to the secondary school.

Math and Science

Mathematics and science courses are critical in today's world.  Like all QSI Shenzhen courses, math and science textbooks are published in the United States and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Children are scientists by nature with inherent curiosity and enthusiasm. QSI Shenzhen  courses build on that interest by combining hands-on experiences, with reflective discussions, reading, writing and drawing.  Students observe, measure, collect, categorize, predict, record, and interpret scientific concepts.  At Main Campus, we offer secondary mathematics courses for students who excel in mathematics.  Students are placed according to their abilities and prior knowledge in mathematics to ensure a rigorous and challenging curriculum that prepares them for their future studies in mathematics.


Dr. Brian M. Garner

Director of Instruction, brian-garner@qsi.org

Literacy and Intensive English

English is vital for student learning in all subjects.  For that reason QSI Shenzhen adds extra instructors in both reading and writing courses to ensure students get the instruction they need at the level they need.  QSI shenzhen Main Campus has an extensive Intensive English program to support students still developing their fluency in English.    Specially trained teachers are hired to support our Intensive English population; the curriculum targets mastery in English reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Our Mainstream Literacy courses are aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Our reading curriculum trains students to be cognitive readers who continually apply strategies when reading such as making connections, predicting, determining importance and synthesizing.Students are exposed to a variety of genres including: fiction, non-fiction, short story, poetry, drama, etc.   We closely monitor our students' 

progress in writing and evaluate students on ideas, organization, word choice, voice, convention, sentence fluency and presentation in writing.  Strong, academic writing is a focus of our school and thus we measure student progress bi-annually through school wide writing assessments.   Our campus has a beautiful and extensive library and we encourage all of our students to find a life long love for reading!


Modern technology is continually evolving and we strive to support our students in utilizing technology effectively to facilitate learning.  Students of all ages are engaged in courses that teach and facilitate growth in word processing, internet functionality and safety, creativity and design.  Our technology teachers are trained in Project Based Learning and engage students in experiences that are complex, relevant and authentic.  Students engage in such projects as: a daily student broadcast called DragonTV, yearbook creation and film animation.  You will find QSI Shenzhen  students have a passion to continually expand their technology toolkit and that technology is integrated throughout our school.

Physical Education

QSI Shenzhen Main Campus has an indoor gym and full access to outside facilities.  All QSI Shenzhen students at Main Campus will attend Physical Education (PE) courses 2-3 times weekly.  This course prepares students to live active and healthy lifestyles now and in the future.  Students will be assigned PE t-shirts annually to be worn to all PE classes. 

Art and Music 

Every student at QSI Shenzhen Main Campus will attend Art and Music classes 2-3 times per week.  We offer two music course options: general music andinstrumental music.  General music explores a variety of mediums such as singing, ukuleles, guitars, xylophones, drums, etc.  Students do not need any prior musical knowledge for this course.  Instrumental music gives students the opportunity to develop their skills playing wind instruments.  For 9-10 Year Old Students, no musical experience is necessary.  However, older students will need to come with some prior knowledge or an exceptionally strong motivation to go above and beyond to learn.   Our music instructors are highly qualified and will prepare your students for two performances each year.  Our art program at QSI continues to expand and prepares students well for high school art courses.  Professional instructors have implemented a wide ranging art program that includes, drawing, painting, sculpture and pottery.  This course has a strong focus on critique and students learn how to view and analyze art, a valuable life skill.

Foreign Languages

QSI Shenzhen Main Campus currently has two language offerings: Chinese and Spanish.  QSI Shenzhen provides the opportunity for students to learn Chinese from professional Chinese instructors at all levels from beginners to native speakers.  We also offer Introductory Spanish courses.  Foreign language classes are held five days a week.  In addition to learning a new language, each course will also introduce students to the culture, history and customs of the language's country of origin.

 Extracurricular Activities

Our 11-13 year old students are invited to take part in our wide selection of after school athletics.  QSI Shenzhen students are very active and we believe lessons learned outside the classroom are just as valuable as those learned during the academic school day.  Great relationships are formed between students and between students and faculty.  We are a competitive school, but more importantly, our students regularly win Sportsmanship Awards for their teamwork, positive attitudes and politeness at tournaments.  We also offer a variety of other extracurricular activities in the form of clubs including: drama, Model United Nations (MUN), debate, DragonTV-a student daily televised broadcast for announcements, NationalJunior Honor Society (NJHS), Math Olympiads, and more.

Success Orientations

Main Campus has monthly assemblies to focus on each of QSI Shenzhen's success orientations: Independent Endeavor, Kindness/Politeness, Aesthetic Appreciation, Trustworthiness, Concern for Others, Responsibility, Group Interaction.  All QSI Shenzhen students are expected to successfully embrace these seven character traits that we believe will lead to life-long success for all of our alumni.