Director: Dr. Clare McDermott 

Academic Year 2017-2018

SCHOOL and COMMUNITY:  QSI International School of Shenyang  is a private, non-profit, coeducational, pre-school to high school, college-preparatory institution. QSI International School of Shenyang was founded in 2012 to provide a quality education for expatriates living in Shenyang, China who wish their children to be educated in English. Parents of the school’s students are employed primarily by foreign corporations including Brilliance Motor Works (BMW), CJ Feed, and Consulates located in Shenyang. The school recognizes that most of the expatriate students enroll for only two or three years and have diverse educational backgrounds.

AFFILIATION: QSI International School of Shenyang is a member of Quality Schools International (QSI), a consortium of non-profit college-preparatory schools following a North American-style, international curriculum. Quality School International has 36 schools in 30 countries, with headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

ACCREDITATION: The school is registered with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) with the goal of full accreditation during the 2018-2019 academic year.

ENROLLMENT:The school encompasses ages 3 to 17 with a current enrollment of 44 students and growing. The Middle School has an enrollment of 8 students, and the Secondary School has an enrollment of 4 students. Students at QSI International School of Shenyang represent 6 different nationalities, including 37% from the United States.

FACULTY: The school employs 8 full-time teachers, 1 part-time teacher, 3 paraprofessionals (teacher assistants), a director, and 7 maintenance, office, and support personnel.

PHILOSOPHY: QSI International School of Shenyang believes in a personalized approach to instruction, leading to mastery of clearly defined objectives, within a positive and enjoyable learning environment. The school offers a challenging academic curriculum for students from Preschool through Secondary IV (Grade 12).

GRADING SYSTEM: Teachers evaluate mastery of each essential unit with an A or B. B represents mastery at a sufficiently high level, and A represents mastery at a sufficiently high level with the student consistently demonstrating higher-order thinking skills. Mediocre or poor work, resulting in Cs and Ds, is not accepted, as students are required to engage in an essential unit until they achieve mastery. If a student has mastered a unit with a B evaluation, the student may wish to demonstrate a higher level of mastery at a later time, within that current school year, to change the evaluation to an A. Time periods (quarters, semesters, terms) are not evaluated; student performance for the year is assessed on each essential unit in which a student is engaged.

GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA): GPA is computed by assigning 4 points for each A in a completed unit and 3 points for each B. There are no pluses or minuses. Work below a B is not accepted. Beginning with Secondary I (Grade 9), all subjects are included in the GPA computation. Advanced Placement (AP) course grades are not weighted.

CLASS RANK: Due to the mobility of QSI students, relatively small graduating classes, and the variety of educational systems from which students come, class rank is not reported.


Academic Diploma: For students to graduate with an Academic Diploma, the minimum requirements are 240 QSI units (24 Carnegie units) in the following areas of concentration:


Cultural Studies–40



Physical Education–20

Fine Arts–10




Academic Diploma with Honors: To graduate with an Academic Diploma with Honors, students must complete all Academic Diploma requirements, including mastery of the essential units of two Advanced Placement (AP)courses (240 QSI units).

General Diploma: The General Diploma is available to students who experience English language deficiencies, time constraints, or other challenges which make it impractical to pursue a more advanced course of study. This diploma is designed for students who require a sound secondary education and a standard U.S. high school diploma for university admission. The minimum requirements are 220 QSI units (22 Carnegie units).


Cultural Studies–30



Physical Education–20

Fine Arts–10




Completing 240 QSI units generally takes a student four years, Secondary I through IV. This is equivalent to grades 9 through 12 in the American system.

CURRICULUM: QSI International School of Shenyang offers a North American-style, international, comprehensive university-preparatory program. All Secondary I–IV (Grades 9–12) academic courses are college-preparatory. Instruction is in English. Intensive English courses offer a support system for those students who require it. Advanced Placement (AP) courses and examinations Students have access to online Advanced Placement and general secondary classes not currently available onsite through QSI Virtual School (QVS). In the coming years, core courses for Secondary III and IV will be added on site.

In addition to its scholastic goals, the school endeavors to provide its students with a specialized program including Chinese language and culture to accommodate students wishing to pursue higher education in China.



Literature I & II

Writing I & II

Health and

Physical Education:












Algebra I  


Algebra II





Physical Science 

Fine Arts: 

Art I & II


Cultural Studies: 

World Geography 

Modern World History


Secondary Projects

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: available based on student interests. Offering includes: Student Council, Yearbook, Anime production, Minecraft, Nitro Typing, Board Games, Lego, Mosaic Art, Origami, First Aid, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Outdoor Hockey and Cross Country

COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY: Our first class will graduate in June of 2018. They are applying to schools in the United States and Europe.