At QSI Dongguan staff and students strive to make the QSI Success Orientations a part of their daily routine.  In addition to this, each month the 5- through 8-year-old students and the 9- through 11-year-old students meet in the activity room to focus on a Success Orientation of the Month. Teachers and Administrators lead assemblies and activities that put an emphasis on a given Success Orientation.Students are encouraged to pay extra attention to this Success Orientation for the month.


Additionally, the staff of QSI Dongguan acknowledges these Success Orientations daily by rewarding students who show a given Success Orientation by giving them a paper “Sea Creature” to put in the paper “Ocean”.  At the beginning of the school year, the “Ocean” was empty, but as the students showed Kindness & Politeness, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Aesthetic Appreciation, Concern for Others, Group Interaction and Independent Endeavor at school, they were recognized and began filling up the “Ocean” with their “Sea Creatures”. 


At the end of each quintile the students get together for a special Success Orientation recognition assembly. This assembly recognizes all students who received “Es” (Exemplary) in a given Success Orientation on their Status Report. Students are called up to receive a Success Orientation bracelet or certificate and have their picture taken for the school’s weekly newsletter.At the end of the assembly, there is a lucky draw for the students who received “Es”. Prizes range from headphones, games, and jewelry-making kits, to coffee shop gift cards. It is always an exciting time!