Student Development Day

Each year, QSI Dongguan hosts a Student Development Day. Similar to professional development seminars, middle school and secondary students take a break from the rigor in the classroom to focus on the different skills and techniques necessary for being successful students. Topics include building confidence, staying focused, how to study, balancing academics and extracurricular activities, using technology to stay organized, and much more. Each year, there is also a guest speaker who talks to the students about success, growth, and improvement.


Career Day

QSI Dongguan also hosts a Career Day for secondary and middle school students. Guests from different professions visit the school to share their experiences and what it takes to work within different professional fields. Students are able to choose which jobs they would like to learn more about, and go to different professional break-out sessions. Students are able to ask questions and discuss different career options. The goal is for all QSI students to have a better idea of what their options are, and how they can prepare for their future. Guests have included lawyers, chefs, engineers, doctors, sports medicine trainers, restaurant managers, charity managers, and more.