The counselor provides support for college counseling, academic planning, community service activities, credit completion, and career guidance. We also endeavor to provide support for a student’s well-being, and offer guidance in adjusting to life as a teenager in an international environment, balancing various time demands, and building healthy relationships.

Our counselor will be integral in determining placement of students, reviewing academic records, and creating class schedules. They will work hard to build positive relationships with students, to further their effectiveness working with each student.  Students may seek help from the counselor, both formally and informally, in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Academic Planning
  • Time Management
  • Social Relationships
  • College Counseling
  • Career Planning
  • Problem Solving

The involvement of the counselor will vary depending on a student’s grade level and willingness to engage with the counselor. Younger students (S1-S2) will work with the counselor to adjust to life in secondary, find interests and pursue them, establish goals, choose course loads and begin working toward college acceptance. Older students (S3-S4) will work with the counselor to prepare for the SAT, begin looking at colleges, manage course loads, and ultimately gain admission to the college of their choice.  College counseling will require collaboration between the student, family and counselor. We will work to examine options, prepare applications, seek funding, and choose from multiple acceptances. After a college is chosen, we will work to help our students transition into the higher education setting of their choice.

We focus our efforts on the following eight components of a quality counseling department:

  1. Inspire college aspirations by building a college-going culture.
  2. Align students’ academic plans with their career and college goals.
  3. Ensure exposure to extracurricular and enrichment opportunities.
  4. Provide information to aid in choosing colleges.
  5. Offer and aid in college assessment for all students.
  6. Provide students and parents with information on college costs and how to plan for them.
  7. Ensure that students and parents fully understand the application and admissions processes.
  8. Help in the transition from QSI–Dongguan to their college setting by providing resources to help ease the transition to college.