Outdoor Air Quality Protocols

QSI Dongguan closely monitors outdoor air quality. Readings are updated every hour. Based on these measurements, QSI Dongguan takes action to protect students from the dangers of air pollution using the Air Quality Response Index Chart below. QSI Dongguan will use the best air quality index available. Special attention will be given at 11 AM before recess and at 3 PM before school sports.


Step-by-Step: Making the Call

1. School nurse & administrators (or event organizer) checks air quality reading.

2. Discussion takes place, as needed, regarding pollution levels, planned activities and venues, and potential consequences;

3. School administrators (together with event organizers) confer if necessary;

4. School administrators make decision based on health and safety of students;

5. Decision is announced to staff.

6. School administrators (and/or event organizers) continue to monitor and reevaluate levels, if applicable.


Staff Training 

QSI Dongguan provides regular information and training to faculty and staff on air pollution guidelines, procedures, equipment usage and responses.