In Lower Elementary, students are in the process of Learning to Read. By the time they have reached Upper Elementary and throughout the rest of their education, they will now be Reading to Learn. A student's ability to read, and often more important, understand what they have read, will only benefit them as they advance into Secondary courses, which are content heavy. Reading for pleasure is also a research-proven method to improve English. For this reason, QSI Dongguan has started a program, sponsored by the Parent Support Group, to provide all students in the 9- to 10-year-olds classes to have Kindles

Each Kindle is loaded with a number of age/level appropriate books for the students to read. Having access to good books can be difficult in China. Students can also be involved in choosing what books are put on the Kindles. The Kindles Klub is just one more way that QSI Dongguan works to strengthen Literacy at the school.