2, 3, and 4 Year-Old Programs

The QSI Preschool Program offers participation in a variety of play-related and hands-on experiences designed to develop learning readiness, physical coordination and development, and the social skills necessary to be successful in a classroom setting.  The Preschool Curriculum includes Reading Readiness, Mathematic Concepts, Science, and basic language development support.  A full spectrum of activities is provided including Music, Computers, Art, and play.

Emphasis is placed on the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, and natural excitement to learn.   Students are encouraged towards positive social interaction as they engage in creative play, role play, and other developmental activities.  A pre-school indoor playroom and an outdoor playground are accessible by QSI students.

All Pre-School classrooms have two adult teachers, the main Class Teacher and a bi-lingual Paraprofessional.

A naptime after lunch is offered to students in a warm, cozy, and quiet room.

Students entering the 2 year-old program need to be toilet-trained before entrance to the program is granted.

There are two options for Pre-School Enrollment:

Half-day, 8:30-12:30

Full-day, 8:30-2:45