President – Jin Wook Choi

Vice President – Cindy Ko

Treasurer – Omer Kreinin

Auditor – Ryan Gan

Secretary – Olivia Larson

Sergeant-at-Arms – Hyun Jun Choi

S4 Representative – Jay Yin

S3 Representative – Soo-Rim Seo

S2 Representative – Peipei Song

S1 Representative – Henry Boysen

13’s Representative – Kassitty Lee

12’s Representative – Addy Jensen

11’s Representative – Adrian Helmholz

Advisors –Melissa Nelson, David Nelson


Student council is a democratic organization that works together to serve the school.  Throughout the year we plan and administrate events, foster school spirit, and serve as the voice of the student body.  Everyone that participates has an important role in the success of student council:

-The president and vice president provide leadership and direction. 

-The treasurer and auditor work together to manage our funds responsibly.

-The secretary takes meeting notes and handles correspondence

-The sergeant-at-arms ensures that our meetings are peaceful, productive, and efficient.

-Representatives talk and listen to their classmates as well as promote events and take orders.

-The advisors monitor the council’s activities and provide guidance.

-All members democratically participate in discussion, planning, and execution of events. 

Students that participate in student council will develop important skills that will benefit them their whole life.  They will learn about politics firsthand and learn how to be leaders.  They will develop communication skills and learn to collaborate.  They will learn the value of preparation and organization.  It can be a lot of work at times, but along the way there is also fun, excitement, and the satisfaction of a job well done!



Requirements for joining STUCO

u  Open to S1-S4.  Representatives from 11’s – S4.

u  In good academic standing and not behind on units.

u  In good behavior standing.  No major behavior problems this year.

u  As student council can be time consuming, it is important that you do not have excessive afterschool commitments.

u  Willing to let student council take priority over other extra-curricular activities.

u  Willing to make a year-long commitment. 

u  Willing run an election campaign that culminates with a speech to the student body.

u  Winning the election for your position.



Our Events

Spooky Movie Night (October)

Winter Candy Gram (December)

Valentine’s Day Delivery (February)

*New Event* High School Competitions (Coming Soon)

MS/HS Talent Show (March)

TBD Middle School Event (April)

Joint Prom with TLC and ISD (June)

+More in the works