Welcome to QSI International School of Dongguan.

QSI International School of Dongguan is dedicated to ensure each student has the tools to be successful in a changing global society.

Come visit the number one choice for international students in Dongguan, QSI. We have approximately 270 students from Prekindergarten through Secondary IV, representing a variety of different nationalities. You're invited to see our diverse student body and an educational experience that prepares students to be leaders and innovators in an ever-shrinking world.

The QSI Way

The success-oriented way of operating schools leads to optimum learning and to happy and motivated students. Using knowledge of educational research, these schools are student performance-based rather than 'time-based' or 'calendar-based'. Teachers and students in QSI schools use time as a resource to reach mastery of clearly defined objectives rather than using time as a boundary condition to determine when learning begins and ends. Students are given the time needed to achieve success. QSI teachers employ instructional practices of excellence. The measure of success in QSI education is how well the students learn. The motto “Success For All” remains an ultimate benefit to the wholesome environment and education of its students.

To meet with an Admissions Officer for an information session and tour, please contact the school. We look forward to hosting you on campus!

Telephone: 86-769-2230-0131 or 86-769-2230-6261

Email: dongguan@qsi.org


QSI Dongguan Admissions Team