13 March 2019 


Dear Families, 



Once again, food safety is in the news. Please be assured that QSI Chengdu and our food service company, Aden services is dedicated to providing clean, fresh and safe meals to students and staff each day. Aden services has ingredients delivered fresh each day. When the food arrives, it is inspected and weighted, then photographs are taken for future reference.  I have attached time stamped photos from yesterday and today for your inspection.   Also, we have a staff member monitoring deliveries. 

今天,食品安全的问题又上了新 您放心,我学校及学校餐的承包商ADEN公司,都致力学生及工于提供新,安全的食物 ADEN公司的食材都是每天新来的。当食材送经过检查和称重,然后行拍照记录 件附件有昨天和今天的记录照片。我也有学校的检查 


In addition, temperatures are taken several times during food service and preparation and logs are kept of both temperature and cleaning schedules. The logs are posted on the wall in the cafeteria, just outside the kitchen area. 



Take note that the photo from the storage room shows that food is properly stored off of the ground. The temperature is controlled to promote safe-keeping of all non-refrigerated items.  Temperatures of refrigerators and freezers are taken regularly and kept in a log book.  

也注意到藏室的食物都放在架子上。个房的温度也行了控制以确保不用放冰箱的食物也可以保存得很好 冰箱和冷箱的温度也会行登 


Mr. Allen and his workers are aware of the many potential issues that come along with improper food service. They will remain vigilant to protect our students and staff. 

Mr. Allen和他公司的同事都知道不好的食物供可能会来的后果。他会保持警惕来确保学生和工的健康 


If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to me and I will follow up. 



Dr. Clare McDermott 


QSI International School of Chengdu 



QSI International School of Chengdu