• September 8, 2016

    08-Sep-16 | James Pilton

    Dear Parents,


    I am amazed at how fast time is going by. With all the classes and various school activities in full swing, the first day of school already seems like a distant memory. It has been a great joy to welcome so many of you back, and equally, to welcome so many new families to QSI. In the classroom, teachers are getting to the point where soon the first units will be completed. Outside of class, students are engaged in many after school activities, including CISA sports, fine arts & music activities, crafts, and many more. Our after school activities program is a great way for students to get to know each other, and their teachers, in an engaging and personal environment which is quite different from the formal structure of the classroom. I am greatly pleased to see that so many of our students are taking advantage of this wonderful program. Parents, you are cordially invited to contribute. If you have a skill or a passion you would like to share by sponsoring an activity, please let us know. Our program is greatly enriched by your participation.

    I wanted to quickly remind you that tomorrow, Friday, September 9, there is NO SCHOOL. All teachers are engaged in a two-day professional development session. Also, please don’t forget that next week we do not have school on Thursday/Friday, September 15/16, due to the Chinese Holiday.

    Please also take note that we will have an additional PSG meeting on Wednesday, September 22, at 11 o’clock, in the elementary cafeteria. Please join us as we get ready to plan the Fall Festival on Friday, October 28.

    Lastly, I invite you to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new middle and high school building on Monday, October 10. Mr. Jim Gilson, president of QSI, and Mr. Tim Kruger, regional supervisor for China and Southeast Asia will be in attendance.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing weekend, I remain,


    Yours Sincerely,




    Dr. James W. Pilton, Ed.D.

  • 2016 Welcome Letter

    10-Aug-16 | James Pilton

    Dear Parents,


    I wish to extend a warm welcome to the 2016-17 school year. The launch of a new school year is always an exciting time for faculty, staff, students, and parents. Everyone is rested and refreshed from vacation and eager to fill blank pages with the evidence of learning and accomplishments. August and September feel full of possibility, with the promise of an exceptional school year just waiting to be fulfilled. This fall, that promise seems even greater than usual at QSI Chengdu, thanks to the many significant developments of recent months.



    As mentioned previously, last May we finally received our new school license, and we are now fully recognized by the Sichuan provincial education department as a “school for the children of foreign workers”. This marks another milestone in the development of the school.



    The new middle and high school campus is ready and waiting to welcome students. We cordially invite you to take a tour. Please note that all students age groups 9 and older will be in the new building. Students in age groups 8 and below will remain in the current elementary building. Construction on the new elementary building has begun, and even though this means that we will experience temporary inconveniences, please rest assured that the safety of our children is always our top priority, and we will do everything we can to minimize the impact of construction on the daily operation of the school.



    The future of education requires more agility, mobility, and an expansive worldview. At QSI Chengdu, we continue to offer a rich variety of learning opportunities. We are also fully aware of the importance of life outside the classroom for all students, and we support an array of extracurricular activities from which students can choose. We continue to expand the school’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and in preparation to the IBDP, we are teaching all students to formulate, recognize, and solve complex problems by choosing the right tools.



    QSI Chengdu is known for our tight-knit community and our high-performing students, as well as our exceptional extra-curricular program and community service learning experiences. Our diversity of programs, academic rigor, and quality of life offered to students are without equal in Chengdu. We are fully aware of the level of support and services required by our diverse student body, and we are attentive to individual needs, while ensuring that all students have access to the exceptional learning opportunities offered by the school.

    众所周之,成都QSI校 区整洁紧凑,教学严谨,并有我们特有的课外活动和为社区服务的学习经历。我们多元化的课程,严格的教学以及为学生提供的高质量生活在成都是独一无二的。我 们充分意识到为不同水平的学生提供全方位的服务的迫切性,所以我们为孩子量身打造个人发展需要的一切客观条件,我们一直坚信我们能为所有的孩子提供非同凡 响的顶尖教育。

    Loving the school where one studies is among the predictors for future success. At QSI Chengdu we uphold the successes of the past while expanding opportunities for the future.


    We are looking forward to welcoming you on Wednesday, August 17 between 14:00 and 16:00 for our ‘open house’. The first day of school is Thursday, August 18. Please don’t forget that Thursday is a half day. We dismiss at 11:30. No lunch will be served. (A quick note from our finance office: Please pay lunch fees by term up front.)


    Wishing everyone a great 2016-17 school year, I remain,



    Yours Faithfully,

    Dr. James W. Pilton, Ed.D.