School Counselors Role

The QSI Chengdu guidance and counseling department serves all ages and levels of students, from the preschool to the secondary 4 age groups.

The counselor is always available for students to drop by the guidance department, to answer questions or to just say hello. If you are need of a consultation or meeting with the school counselor, please email Ms. Chelsey Zoromski for an appointment.


The guidance counselor offers a number of services for all students in the areas of:

  • Academic achievement.

  • Promoting prosocial growth with tailored classroom programs and lesson support.

  • Promoting personal and emotional growth through group interventions, group counseling, and individual counseling.

  • Career and life planning with integrated career and educational assessments.

  • University and college preparation and planning.

  • Support to families in transition, including repatriation, building third-culture relationships, and planning for the next location.

  • Informational sessions promoting academic success and post-secondary planning.

  • A four year high school planning process for course selection to meet post-secondary objectives.

  • Admissions testing, review of student transcripts, and cumulative education records.

  • Crisis response and intervention for individuals and families.

  • Information and support for services outside the school.

  • School-wide efforts focusing on character education using Quality Schools International’s Success Orientations of Independent Endeavor, Kindness and Politeness, Aesthetic Appreciation, Trustworthiness, Concern for Others, Responsibility, and Group Interaction.

  • Transition from high school to post-secondary life with group sessions designed to promote healthy and proactive life skills.

  • Services for students with special learning needs, including referrals to outside sources.

  • Registration guidance for outside testing services for university entrance and English testing.

  • Professional development opportunities for teachers concerning social, emotional, mental health, and behavioral needs of the school population.