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Dear Students and Parents,

QSI Chengdu is a wonderful place to create and share learning experiences every day with students, staff, and parents who hail from over 30 countries. We remain committed to providing our children with the best possible education, and we offer myriad learning experiences in and out of the classroom. What defines us as a school is our core belief that all students can and will experience success in the right learning conditions. We challenge each child to aim high and do their best every day. What emerges from this caring, yet challenging, environment is a community of learners that embodies the kind of spirit we call "Red Eagle Pride".

Red Eagle Pride is about who we are within this community, the role we play, the things we do to make our school a better place. It is not what we say but what we DO.

It is how we feel about others, seeing them with clear eyes, embracing them for who they are and helping them become who they want to be. It is about being a good student, a good artist, a good athlete, a good friend, and a good role model. It is about striving for excellence in everything we do. Never be content with the mediocre!

Red Eagle Pride is not about fitting in but about finding out what your place is within this community. What color do you add to this magnificent painting?

It is the people around you, all the support that you get from them, and all the support that you can give them in return: That is Red Eagle Pride.


Kurt Rix

Director, QSI International School of Chengdu