QSI International School of Chengdu

Scholarship Policy


The Advisory Board of QSI International School of Chengdu will appropriately award financial aid to deserving families. Board members whose children are receiving financial aid must excuse themselves from discussion concerning specific requests for aid and may not vote in such cases.


Application and Notification: Financial assistance requests or renewals must be received prior to May 5 for the following academic year. Applications will only be received for students in the 5 Year Old class and above. All new applicants for financial aid must meet with the Director before the application may be acted upon. Applications will also be accepted and considered throughout the year on an “as needed” basis.


The administration will officially notify applicants of the Board’s decision in letter form by June 1 of that year.


Incomplete or late applications will be denied.


Available Funding: Each school year the amount of money available for scholarship will not exceed 10% of the regular school fee income for students paying full tuition from 5 Year Old and older.


As much as 50% of current tuition can be awarded to any one student, but no family may be awarded an amount in excess of one full tuition.


Eligibility Criteria: The Advisory Board offers financial aid to those families who demonstrate financial needs based on their income and expenses for deserving students who meet the social standards set for success by QSI.

  • Deserving students are those identified as students whose families do not receive full tuition reimbursement from their sponsoring agency.
  • Deserving students may also be identified as students whose parent is teaching at QSI Chengdu whose family does not receive tuition reimbursement from their sponsoring agency or an adequate overseas educational allowance.
  • Students must be in good academic standing in their respective grades, be an asset and contributor to the positive social climate of the school based on their previous school experiences.
  • Assistance is available to students in the 5 Year Old class and above.


Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid:

  • Students must maintain acceptable grades and make good progress in all subject areas.
  • Student behavior and contribution to the social climate of the school must be consistently positive. It is expected that parents of the recipient will involve themselves and contribute toward the general welfare of the QSI community.
  • The Director of QSI may terminate the scholarship of students at any time should these standards not be met; or
  • The Director may place the student on probation while the financial aid is reviewed by the Advisory Board at their next scheduled meeting.


In all cases, the decision of the Advisory Board is final.



Policy passed by Advisory Board on April 19, 2006.

Revised May, 2016