Elementary Spotlight

How we implement Success For All, Hands On Learning, Student Choice, and Kindness 

At QSI Chengdu Elementary School, we believe in success for all, hands on learning, student choice, educating the whole child and kindness to others. We believe that in order for students to do their best academically, they need to be in a comfortable and engaging environment.  Our curriculum materials come from the United States and teachers have flexibility and a variety of resources at their disposal so that they can pick curriculum materials that meet the needs of their students.  

Success for All: QSI implements Mastery Learning and Success for all. The way this philosophy is implemented in the elementary school is through a schedule that has literacy and math at the same time of day, thus allowing for students to receive the level of instruction they need to meet their needs.  

Hands on Learning: Through implementation of a variety of learning strategies, our teachers provide a variety of engaging learning experiences. Most activities at the elementary level are hands on and give ample opportunities to learn how to problem solve and collaborate. 

Student Choice: We believe that students should have the ability to make choices about their activities at school. Every Tuesday and Thursday students participate in an activity of their choice through our Eighth Period Activity (EPA) program. Every term, each student makes a new choice for an activity that they would like to try. We encourage students to try something they haven’t done before. Examples of choices are yoga, baking, sports, coding, kindness club, karate, and games. Students look forward to these activities during the week and like having some ownership of their activities at school. 

Educating the Whole Child: Students in our elementary program get music, art, physical education and Chinese class twice per week. QSI Chengdu promotes the arts and language as an essential part of learning and growing. 

Success Orientations and Kindness to Others: Through teaching about QSI’s Success Orientations, students learn about appropriate and kinds ways to treat others. We celebrate this learning every month with our Success Orientation assemblies. Students are honored for their work on the monthly Success Orientation and each class takes a turn to teach their classmates about what they learned.  We share the certificates on the “Student Shout Out” bulletin board in the front lobby. Our teachers and staff work at promoting a culture of kindness with the way we speak to one another and through our service projects. Our ten-year old class participates in the Read to Feed program and visits a village to learn from others and to make donations of school supplies. Our teachers work every day on encouraging kindness in their classrooms.