Celebrating China

Being located in the heart of China has its advantages. Chengdu is located in valley that is surrounded by spectacular mountains. Our staff and students can easily leave the bustling city for a day (or weekend) of hiking or skiing. And, unlike the mega-cities of Shanghai and Beijing, this is China. Chengdu is not just another big, modern, international city. During the Chinese New Year, this is particularly evident.

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the traditional new year celebration in China. During this week-long holiday, families travel all across the country to celebrate together. At QSI Chengdu, we also celebrate this holiday with our family, the school community. Our staff of Chinese language teachers and our Parent Support Group plan an entire day of festivities. There are performances by students and local professionals. This year we saw the magic of face-changing and were awed by fire-breathers and traditional dancer.  Hands-on activities like dumpling making and calligraphy provided opportunities to try new skills, while traditional games were so much fun to play.

This celebration is one of the highlights of the school year because it brings us closer to the local community and allows us to share in the pageantry of this amazing culture.  It also showcases the talents of our students and staff. Through events like this, QSI Chengdu proves that we are better together!