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QSI Graduate Studies

In partnership with State University of New York (SUNY Buffalo)


Since 2012, QSI has partnered with SUNY Buffalo to provide graduate-level coursework to QSI teachers.  Individuals take courses through QSI Graduate Studies for a variety of reasons:  Some wish to earn a Master’s Degree from SUNY Buffalo; some need graduate credit for recertification purposes; and others seek a path to state-issued administrative credentials.


The mission of the program is to support QSI teachers in their pursuit of career goals by providing high-quality graduate level coursework.

Current Program

The QSI Graduate Studies Program offers a variety of classes for which students receive graduate level credit through SUNY Buffalo. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, QSI Graduate Studies offers coursework in two different cohorts:  Masters Cohort and Leadership Cohort.  Both cohorts typically offer one class in the Fall, one in the Spring and two during the summer for a total of eight courses offered throughout a calendar year.  The Masters Cohort courses may cover a variety of areas in the field of education, whereas the Leadership Cohort courses are intended to lead to state-issued administrative credentials.  The courses in both cohorts can be used to attain a Master’s Degree.

Due to Covid, all coursework will be online for the foreseeable future.

Before taking a course, students must enroll at SUNY Buffalo, a process that may take several months.

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Each 3 credit course is 735 USD in 2021-22. 


More Information

For those interested but not yet employed by QSI, please email  

Those with a QSI Microsoft account can find more information at Grad Studies Sharepoint.  

QSI educators register for courses through QMS, the same site used for grades and student record management.