Transportation service to and from school

Most QSI Brindisi Students reside either in the Brindisi Casale Area or in its City Centre. To those families, QSI offers a transportation service to and from school at an additional cost (per family not per student).

For the students living in the Casale area, there is a bus departing every morning at 8:00 AM from the Ave Maristella Church (at via Duca degli Abruzzi) and arriving at school at around 8:25 AM. Along the way it stops at via Benedetto Brin (by the Soccer Field) and via Nicola Brandi (by the Fire Department). At the end of the day, it departs from school at 3:40 PM, stopping at via Nicola Brandi, via Benedetto Brin and arrives at the Ave Maristella Church at around 4:00 PM. Depending on students’ needs the route can be reviewed.

A shuttle service is offered to those students living in the City Centre. The van has 9 seats and it departs from Piazza Cairoli at 8:00 AM and returns with the students at the end of the day at 4:00 PM. This option is subject to availability.