Dear QSI Bratislava Families, Faculty & Staff,

I hope this message finds you all well.  As you may have heard, yesterday the Slovak government stated that all schools in Slovakia are to remained closed indefinitely.  
QSI Bratislava teachers and administrators are prepared to continue the online learning experience indefinitely.
A few notes to consider:

  • Attendance in the QSI Bratislava online program is at 98% school wide.  It is a testament to our teachers’ dedication, our students’ thirst for knowledge, and the continual support of the parents…great job, everyone!
  • Thank you to all students and parents who have responded to surveys for our ECC, elementary, and ms/secondary schools.  This feedback has been received by our teachers/admin and concentrated efforts are being made to further improve the educational experience.
  • Additional surveys from teachers to students/parents are planned in the coming weeks.
  • Student Status Reports will be sent this week.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences will be scheduled based on all factors.  If the online learning continues after the Spring Break, then we will consider virtual conferences the week of 20-24 April.  More information to come.

Also, please note that there have been ZERO reported cases of the COVID-19 virus within our school community, and now that we have been online for over two weeks, this is certainly good news.Finally, please continue to support your children (our students), to provide feedback, and to stay optimistic during these challenging times.  
Together, we will beat this.  Together, we will become stronger.

Take good care,

Daniel Blaho

Community & School Events

We regret to inform you that this community events have been cancelled:

  • After School Activities (ASAs), inclusive of private music lessons
  • Athletics 
  • Field Trips