Counselor Page

QSIB is dedicated to serving the whole child. We offer academic, social/emotional and post-high school transitional services. Information is presented to parents and students through fun and interactive classroom presentations, workshops, parent coffee presentations and individual meetings. Students and their families are welcome to make appointments to see us about any of the following concerns or additional concerns:

Mrs. Julie Korenko
University Counselor & Secondary School Registrar

Mrs. Rozanne Visser
School Counselor

  • Academic challenges
  • Academic course selection
  • College and postsecondary planning
  • Creating schedules and time management
  • Difficulty in classes
  • Challenges at home
  • Managing stress
  • Conflict resolution with peers
  • Incidents of bullying or harassment
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Concerns for peers or fellow classmates
  • Substance use
  • Transitioning to a new school or grade
  • Friendship groups

We also provide referral services for counselors and educational evaluations.

What university/career services can you expect for your child at QSI Bratislava?

Secondary 1

Secondary 1 students are invited to attend all university fairs and presentations. They take a career interest assessment, and are eligible to take AP courses if approved by administration.

Secondary 2

Secondary 2 students are invited to attend all university fairs and presentations. At the end of Secondary two, all parents and students are invited to a private meeting with the University Counselor, AP and IB Coordinators and Director of Instruction. This meeting serves to review transcripts, discuss University hopes, and plan for the appropriate classes. Highly motivated students from this age group will also be offered the opportunity to take the PSAT.

In addition, they are introduced to University search tools such as: UK ( US ( Canada ( Ireland ( Australia ( Holland (1,500 Bachelors and Masters courses in English in Holland) Germany (106 courses in English in Germany) France (24 courses in English in France at Bachelor level) Sweden (65 courses in English in Sweden at Bachelor level)

Secondary 3

During the Secondary 3 year, students meet with the University Counselor to discuss goals, and to begin structuring University essays. Writing seminars of essays from North America, Europe and the UK are examined and discussed to serve as a strong foundation. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to attend University presentations, and our annual Week Without Walls university tour. Parents and students have the opportunity to have private meetings with University representatives. They are also expected to take the PSAT in the fall, and SAT in the Spring. QSIB is the host for both examinations.

Secondary 4

Secondary 4 Students are expected to sit for the October SAT, and to begin the year with a list of Universities of interest. During the summer they have the opportunity to communicate with the University Counselor regarding their college plans for discussion. Many students apply early to schools in the UK or the United States, so they must be organized at the beginning of the school year. Students are expected to keep up with their studies, service hours, and University applications. Please note that many university applications and information go directly to the student, so helping your child to make sure all emails are seen and responded to is an important parental responsibility at this stage. The counselor provides advice, suggestions, recommendations, transcripts and checks all materials for accuracy. While this can be a stressful time for students, we have fun events such as the “Half-way there Senior Party” and special events to recognize our graduating class. Seniors are also offered additional privileges of freedom such as an open campus, though this is revoked if they are found to be in academic jeopardy. Graduation is in June where University acceptances are announced and celebrated by our entire QSIB Faculty and Staff.

QSI Bratislava annually has both IB and AP scores well above the national average. The average teacher turnover is less than 5% annually. Many faculty members have written curriculum for the entire QSI organization.

Our school counselors work in accordance with Counselor Codex.  School counselor is therefore obliged to maintain confidentiality.  

There are legal mandates regarding confidentiality and the appropriate rationale and procedures for disclosure of student data and information to school staff.  

We will keep information confidential unless legal requirements demand that confidential information be revealed or a breach is required to prevent serious and foreseeable harm to the student/their peers/anyone.