When: February 21-23 

We are getting ready for Bosnian Days! This year we are going to have lots of interesting activities and workshops during a three-day celebration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You are invited to experience and learn about:

◊   hands-on traditional Bosnian arts and crafts

◊   folklore and music

◊   customs and traditions

◊   history

◊   Bosnian food and drinks

◊   souvenirs and organic products



Tuesday, February 21

Three workshops with Bosnian artisans


Wednesday, February 22

Cooking class and Food Tasting

Students will wear Bosnian colors (blue,yellow and white)


Thursday, February 23

Mini Bazaar and Assembly

Traditional Coffee and Sweets tasting for parents


The exact time schedule of all activities is going to be in the ‘Bosnian Days’ program which will be sent home with your child soon.