5-Year-Old through 11-Year-Old


Elementary school students participate in a full program of English, (Reading and Writing Literacy), Mathematics, Science, Cultural Studies, Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education. Computer and Information Technology is integrated within the curriculum at all levels. Students 5-years-old and older take Bosnian, German, or French language every day. Intensive English is offered to those students that require assistance with English in the 7 to 10-year-old classes. After school activities are provided all year and are geared to the interests of the students. 

Our staff of outstanding professionals provide a safe and secure environment for our children in which they can feel free to express themselves freely and learn to be creative, critical, kind and caring individuals.  Our elementary staff works hard to include character building as an essential part of their daily routine.  Some of the character traits we promote are trustworthiness, responsibility, kindness, politeness and concern for others.  We teach children how to work well with others; appreciate the beauty of the world that surrounds them and go beyond what is normally expected of them and exceed expectations on their own by their initiative.