Early Years Program (Pre-K)

 This developmental program introduces skills and positive attitudes toward learning that children need for beginning academic achievement. A variety of experiences develop eye/hand/body coordination, Mathematics, and Reading readiness. These students also have Library, Physical Education, and Internet Technology classes each week. All children in this program must be toilet trained before coming to school. 

The 3 & 4 year-old program is designed to engage the child in his/her first formal school experience. This is a research-based developmentally appropriate program that incorporates education of the whole pre-school child through multiple components.

We believe in providing:

A Ready for School program that is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery.

An environment which active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge.

An environment that is engaging safe and purposefully designed with enriched activities that lead to success in school and life.

Meaningful experiences for children with age-appropriate resources and materials.

A program that recognizes every student as a unique individual with their learning dispositions, and that the student has the right to and learns at this or her pace.

Support for each student to extend their interests and needs and abilities and we regularly reflect these in the planned program.

An inclusive program, providing a wide variety of stimulating, planned and incidental, child-centered experiences in the indoor and outdoor environment.

Appropriate age-related activities where we as teachers remodel and encourage children to be responsible, curious and active learners.

Plenty of opportunities for communication between parents and teachers with their child’s learning progress.

Positive reciprocal interactions where we value and include children’s contributions to the program.

An extensive expressive arts program that develops children’s self-expression and confidence in creative art, drama, music, movements, and dance.

Both informal and formal learning times, where we help children gain confidence and competence in early literacy, writing, numeracy, mathematics, science, and technology.