COMMUNITY AND SCHOOL: QSI International School of Sarajevo is a private, non-profit, preschool through Secondary IV (Grade 12) coeducational, college-preparatory day school. QSIS was founded in 1997 in order to provide a quality education in English for the children of expatriates living in Sarajevo. The school moved to its current facility during the 2003-2004 school year. Parents of our students are primarily employed by large corporations and governments. A growing number of nationals have begun to express interest in attending our school.

AFFILIATION: QSI International School of Sarajevo is a member of Quality Schools International (QSI), a consortium of non-profit, college-preparatory, international schools with an American-based curriculum. QSI has 37 schools in 30 different countries. 

ACCREDITATION: QSI International School of Sarajevo is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). It holds membership in the Central & Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) and is affiliated with the Department of State Office of Overseas Schools (AOS).

ENROLLMENT: The school currently has 125 students enrolled, 3-year-olds through Secondary IV (Grade 12). The Middle School has an enrollment of 15 students, and the Secondary School has an enrollment of 25 students. Students at QSIS represent 21 different nationalities with 40% holding American passports. 100% of the Secondary IV students plan to attend a four-year university.

 CURRICULUM: QSI International School of Sarajevo offers a comprehensive program for 3-year-olds through college-preparatory courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses. All instruction is in English, except for foreign language classes. An Intensive English program is available for those students who are limited in the English language.

 FACULTY: The school employs 23 full-time teachers, one part-time teacher, five paraprofessionals (teacher assistants), four office personnel, and nine maintenance and support staff. Current faculty teaching core subjects and administrative staff were trained and certified in the USA, Canada, or Australia.

 PHILOSOPHY: QSI International School of Sarajevo believes in a personalized approach to instruction leading to mastery of clearly defined objectives, within a positive and enjoyable learning environment. QSIS offers a challenging academic curriculum for students age 3 through Secondary IV (Grade 12). In addition, student behavior is marked with consideration to seven Success Orientations: Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Concern for Others, Kindness/Politeness, Group Interaction, Aesthetic Appreciation, and Independent Endeavor.

 GRADING SYSTEM: Mastery of each essential unit is evaluated with an “A” or “B”. “B” represents mastery at a successful level, and “A” represents mastery that demonstrates higher order thinking skills. Work which would traditionally receive a “C” or “D” grade is not accepted, as students are required to engage in the essential unit until they achieve mastery. Unit achievement is reported five times each year. 

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: The Academic Diploma with Honors is the most advanced diploma offered by Quality Schools International. Requirements are the same as the Academic Diploma but with the added condition that accumulated QSI units include at least two Advanced Placement (AP) courses (ten units each). A total of 240 QSI units are required for this diploma (10 QSI units equals 1 Carnegie unit).

For students to graduate with an Academic Diploma, the minimum requirements are 240 QSI units or 24 Carnegie units in the following areas of concentration: English 80 units, Mathematics 30 units, Science 30 units, Cultural Studies 40 units, Personal Health 25 units, Foreign Languages 20 units, Fine Arts 10 units, and Creative & Applied Arts (elective units).

The General Diploma is available to students experiencing English language difficulties, time restraints, or other challenges that make it impractical to pursue an academic diploma. The basic minimum requirements are 220 QSI units or 22 Carnegie units in the following areas of concentration: English 50 units, Mathematics 20 units, Science 20 units, Cultural Studies 30 units, Personal Health 25 units, Foreign Languages 20 units, Fine Arts 10 units, and Creative & Applied Arts (elective units).




Literature 1 & 2

Writing 1 & 2

Media and Publications

American Literature

British Literature

Creative Writing                                

Research Project

AP Literature & Composition

AP Language & Composition





Algebra 1


Adv. Math I (Algebra 2)

Adv. Math II (Precalculus)

AP Calculus AB

Consumer Mathematics




Health & P. E.

Lifetime Sports

Team Sports





Physical Science


Environmental Studies



AP Biology

Discovery Science


AP Environmental Science


Languages Other than English

BCS 1, 2, 3, 4


German 1, 2, 3, 4

AP German

French 1, 2, 3,

French 4 (Literature)

AP French


Cultural Studies

World Geography

USA History


Modern World History

World Governments


AP Psychology

AP European History



Fine Arts

Art 1, 2, 3, 4

Music:  vocal & guitar





Information Technology