QSIB – A Family Atmosphere

Spend any amount of time at QSI International School of Bishkek and one thing you’re certain to notice is the feeling of family that pervades the school. During recess and lunch it’s common to see students of differing ages and class levels playing and talking together as if they were old friends.  New students to the school may feel like outsiders on their first day, but that quickly disappears as our friendly students help them become part of the school family. 

QSI’s Success Orientations play an essential part in the positive feeling of the school.  These orientations stress the values of Kindness/Politeness, Concern for Others, Aesthetic Appreciation, Group Interaction, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, and Individual Endeavor.  These values are part of our school character and are modeled by the staff of QSIB in their relationships with students and with each other. By making these an important part of our school, we ensure that QSIB continues to be a place that is warm and welcoming to all.