Learning Outside the Classroom

One of the most overlooked but important aspects to QSIB are the opportunities for students to learn and develop beyond the four walls of the classroom. 

Afterschool activities provide students with opportunities to challenge themselves to grow in new areas, whether this be athletics, creative design, writing, arts, engineering, and music (just to name a few). We’ve provided dozens of different afterschool activities over the last few years – far more than most people would assume a school our size would be able to offer.  These activities often arise from the personal interests of our staff; they can’t help but take their own strengths and areas of interest and design ways to get students excited about these same new areas of learning. 

Week Without Walls is another way we encourage students to develop the habit of learning outside the classroom.  Every April students ages 12 and up take part in a week-long Week Without Walls (WWW) program.  During WWW, students participate in either an international trip or local trips, each designed to provide learning experiences outside of the classroom.  In previous years our international trips have been to Italy and most recently South Korea.  Our local trips usually take place in Bishkek and can involve classes in culinary arts, ceramics, service learning, cultural events, and physical challenges.

By offering these outside-of-class activities, students leave QSIB with a better appreciation of the importance of learning for life instead of just for a grade.