undefinedThe QSI International School of Minsk has a thriving, exciting program for preschool-aged children from around the world. Our teachers are certified, qualified native speakers of English that have a firm understanding of how children learn and grow. We accept children from age 2 into our international program that includes developmental instruction, lots of exercise, and healthful food choices.  

The Ladybug Class is for our youngest pupils, who come to us with a smile and a desire to learn. Throughout the year, the children gain valuable social skills and strong foundational academic knowledge based on the discovery of learning. 

Little ones in The Butterfly Class learn to spread their wings and fly as they master basic pre-literacy skills. Learning throughout the day is emphasized through play and exploration, allowing students to develop at an appropriate pace based on their abilities.  

The Bumblebee Class accomplishes wonderful things over the course of the year as students experience learning through hands-on activities in a safe environment. By the end of the year, students are fluently speaking age appropriate English and have a firm grasp on needed literacy basics that will lead them to success for years to come. 


Our accredited early childhood program is driven by research and developmentally appropriate practices.