undefinedStudents between the ages of 11 - 13 are placed in the Middle School program at QISM.  These formative years are dedicated to the beginnings of a much more rigorous academic career and dedication to student advisory.  Starting at the age of 11, pupils no longer are bound to one teacher throughout the day, but go from class to class in order to receive instruction from specialists in their academic fields.

Young adolescents are going through a time of change in several areas - physical, intellectual, social and moral.  At QISM, we dedicate ourselves to providing education for the whole child, with a focus on strong beliefs and achievement.  Students are taught that to be successful in life that they must embody the traits of our Success Orientations such as responsibility, trustworthiness and positive group interaction.  By fostering these important attributes, our advisors are empowering students to internalize their own decision making processes toward making healthy choices for life.  

Academic time is spent on purposeful, engaging learning with a relevant curriculum and daily feedback.