Secondary Student’s Perspective

QSI International School of Atyrau

Parents, guardians, or students, we are honored to have you look and give us a chance to show what our school has to offer. Here our staff and students make up a small community but one where there is trust and one which feels like a home away from home in this small town. We hope that reading this will help you see our school’s potential and help you get a better idea of what this school has to offer to you and your child’s education in Atyrau. 

Firstly, the school offers many courses that alternate each year, depending on the graduation requirements. Also, they have an even wider range of classes due to the QSI Virtual Program. The QSI Virtual Program helps provide students with classes they would like, online. Due to the absence of teachers and students, the classes will be done online, and students can continue French or Spanish if they studied it in their previous school, or they may even take subjects that were not even offered in their old schools. QSI will connect them to an online school program that will help them fulfill the courses requirements and give a certificate that they have completed the selected class. The school also offers AP courses, such as AP mathematics and psychology. In addition, students have the choice of subjects to incorporate during the following school year. The school also offers each year a “week without walls” where our secondary and middle school students take part in a week outside of the classroom, whether overseas or locally, to learn in a more interactive and engaging environment in which you can receive credits for school as well.

Secondly, the school has a small community, and if you decide to choose us you may also help us enhance the environment, but due to the location of our school we usually tend to have a small community of students and teachers which helps the community as a whole be more inclusive towards each other and new students coming to the school. The school itself is big, so the environment feels very open and free along with the recreation areas and social areas such as the school lobby, gym, outdoor track field, and pagodas. Most people will be skeptical of such a small community of students, but the community being so small helps teachers get along with students more and helps them counsel students one-on-one since there are less students to look after. The students are also very open to any new students who enter the school, and their families will be delighted to help your family get accustomed to Atyrau!  

Lastly, our school has plenty of open areas, facilities, and equipment to help the students on their learning journey. The school has an open track field where multiple events can be held and an indoor gym with heating to help students continue physical education even during the colder months of the year. The school also has an art room, music room, two computer labs, and spaced-out classrooms fitted for classes such as geography, math, English, etc. There are also two science labs for the chemistry, biology, and physics classes offered here. The teachers, along with the facilities, are all from different backgrounds, helping create a more open-minded environment and bring different viewpoints, perspectives, and teaching methods to help the students the best they can. The teachers themselves come from diverse backgrounds bringing varying perspectives and learning experiences to each classroom, and because teachers have several classes, it helps students see the connection of all the subjects and can help students with the other subjects offered. The teachers and staff are very limited, which is a downside, but it makes up for that fact they can help students more than a teacher that specializes in one subject only.

In conclusion, our school environment will help your child feel at home a bit more and help your family, the community is open to everyone, and our facilities are limited but well maintained, safe, and fun. We host events for families and fundraisers for organizations and overseas trips. We have a small community which helps staff and teachers manage the students better; helping them more if they need extra help in a subject and offering a variety of courses and sports seasons throughout the year. We hope you have a lovely day and that this essay may have helped you understand this school a bit more!