Middle School Student’s Perspective

Why Is QSI Atyrau a Good School?

QSI International School of Atyrau is not just a well-equipped school with small classes or good teachers. It is like a second home where you can learn a lot about yourself in a new environment. We study how to make independent decisions, how to be a better person in life, and what we are supposed to do to change the world to be a better place mixed in with much more fun than we could expect from an education system.

QSI Atyrau has only a few students in each class, which makes everything easier. We do not have a lot of trouble getting along with each other. Everyone can find others with the same attitude, and we are not even overwhelmed. We can make groups or pair up to work and share our ideas. The goal of QSIA as an international school is to have you learn a language on the mastery level and get hands-on experiences of countries, study different people’s cultures, and use the information in everyday life. The school can be found in 31 countries around the planet, with more than 125 nationalities represented.

QSIA teachers are the kindest people I have ever met, and they want us to develop and recognize the world’s rules and how the rules work on our own. They like to teach, and they are really good at it, and they know how to motivate us. QSIA teachers make us want to learn and study harder and harder. They are prepared for each class, and they are attentive to their students. Our teachers help a lot when we have different kinds of problems; they explain it to us in a new way each time just to make sure we understand it.

When I first arrived here, I felt so nervous. I have never been to an international school in the past; I didn’t know what to expect from this kind of school and how it works. I did not have any information about QSIA, except I knew they were speaking English. I did not. Now, here I am, only six months later, writing this essay in English. It was a really good surprise when the kids in my class were kind and nice. At first, you may feel homesick, but the school’s atmosphere will make you forget that. I am spending just about 10 hours in school a day, and I do not mind it. Here, I can prove that I am trying to work as hard as I can. I endeavor to use all of what the school is giving to us, and for sure, it is a lot.

QSIA is not a public school, but it has a much bigger area than it needs for the number of students. It has a football field, three playgrounds, a double gym, and a cafeteria. Our Student Council members make programs for us to help us find joy and comfort. They also pay attention to the pupils, so they know how to be environmentally conscious. The extracurricular activities are mostly sports, and they are really intensive and helpful to staying trained and concentrating more. For example, Autumn is the season of soccer, December and January are the months of basketball, and the Spring is the season of volleyball and badminton. The teaching is from three years old up to 18-year-old students. The school helps you to get the best guidance, so you can go to the college or university you want to go to.

QSIA is the school you want your kid to go for the best education they can get, especially if you would like them to be patient with others and learn about other cultures. Every new student who is interested to learn with modern techniques and is curious to discover secrets and solve them with fun at the same time will enjoy QSI International School of Atyrau.