Admission Policy

Ainagul Sarshalova is our Administrative Assistant. She manages the admission process and can answer questions about it.  She can provide electronic copies of our application, information booklet, and other forms.

Requirements for admissions:

New Student Application

A copy of passport or birth certificate

Health History Form – The information must be provided by the parents for each child attending QSI Atyrau. These records must be kept current, and any changes should be reported to the school immediately.

Emergency Information Form

Previous school records including testing (if applicable)

A one-time, 300 USD non-refundable registration fee

 Student Placement

Following official admission procedures, a placement examination may be given to determine the appropriate level of instruction. The test involves reading, writing, and mathematics. Typically, students are placed according to age, with November 1 being the cut off for a particular age group. For example, a student who turns 8 before the first of November would be placed in the 8-year-old class. Occasionally, a student may be placed in a higher or lower class, based upon other circumstances.

Intensive English and Placement

QSI Atyrau welcomes students with little or no English language skills enrolling at the pre-school, elementary, and middle school level. Students in need of Intensive English from 6 to 13 years old will be pulled out of the first two morning classes (Reading and Language Arts) to receive special tutoring. Our school’s Intensive English program follows a specially developed Intensive English program of study. When the students’ academic performance indicates that they are ready to move out of Intensive English, they will be mainstreamed back into the Reading and Language Arts classes.