Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)  Elementary Art ECA


QSI Yerevan offers many opportunities for students to become involved in activities outside of the classroom. From 3:00 to 3:45 Monday through Thursday, all elementary students have the opportunity to choose a craft or physical activity. 

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All secondary and middle school students can participate in the following extracurricular activities sponsored by QSI Yerevan.

  •  MUN (Model United Nations) with conferences at a European locationMUN
  • Student Council
  • Environmental Committee
  • QSI Newsletter
  • Yearbook Club
  • Math ClubDrama Club 
  • Drama Club with a production during Winter Concert
  • Chess classes



Basketball  Athletic teams are formed based on student interest. We make sure the students have an opportunity to compete within the   sport against other international schools or local sport organizations.

  Track—QSIY hosts a track meet inviting a variety of international and local schools to compete.  The track team is also        invited to other CEESA events at QSI Kiev.

  Basketball—QSIY offers Middle School and High School Boys and Girls teams with opportunities to compete against local    schools as well as the SRAA tournament hosted by QSI Tbilisi.

 Cross-country—The cross country team attends the SRAA cross country race in Tbilisi, Georgia and many students register  to compete in the local races offered by charities in Yerevan.

 Soccer—A local tournament is offered by QSIY in the fall and spring.

 Volleyball—After school activity as well as participation in various local competitions


2017-2018 Schedule of Major Athletic Events (Out of Country)

Oct 6-7, 2017
Cross Country meet in Tbilisi / Georgia 
Age of participants: 9 and older
Feb. 14-17, 2018
Basketball tournament in Tbilisi/ Georgia
Age of participants : 11 and older
May 24-27, 2018
Track & Field meet in Kiev / Ukraine 
Age of participants 12 and older