Science at Almaty International School

The science department at AIS is a very well equipped and modern faculty. With the implementation of the new NGSS curriculum in September 2018, to which the QSI curriculum is aligned too, students are encouraged to do and explore, and then ask why. From our youngest classes of 3 and 4 year olds, right up to our 12th grade seniors, science is a vast and explorative part of our world at AIS.

Given our location in Almaty, we are able to take students outdoors and use nature and the regional phenomenon to explain “science” and make it as real life as possible. Whether it is building vertical gardens, exploring the Tien Shen mountains, critiquing the cities recycling program, dissecting lungs or heart from the local bazaar or launching rockets on the athletic field, learning by doing is encouraged and fostered in our learners.

We are able to offer a strong elementary science curriculum, with many teachers collaborating and sharing with our middle school and high school teachers for ideas and use of classrooms. Our middle and high school program is strong, offering Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Science, as well as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Environmental Science.

With new lab facilities installed in Spring 2019, and more due over Summer 2019, we hope that this continues to grow, as science should be a strong part of every students learning life, regardless of their background, race, gender or learning prior to their life at AIS.

Mrs Natalie Mahon

Science Department AIS