The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide a conduit of information and concerns to and from the school administration, as well as make decisions on some purchases and scholarships. Executive sessions or discussions of the Advisory Board may include sensitive or confidential matters that a Director will discuss only with the Advisory Board members. The board meets from 5-7 times a year.





Mr. Robert Jackson  (American)

Director,  Tirana International School


Mr. Alexander Zsolnai (Austrian)                                           

Board Member Risk & Finance,  Raiffeisenbank/Albania


Ms. Ardjana Shehi (Albanian)                                                      

Partner, Kalo & Associates, Attorneys at Law


Mr. Jay Thompson (American)                                                 

General Service Officer, U.S. Embassy


Mr. Brian Williams (Canadian)                                                      

United Nations 


Mr. Daniel Koski (American)

U.S. Embassy