School Information

Sanaa, Yemen
44 (current)

Accreditation by MSA/CESS
1987 - Present

Mr. Philip Weirich
Phone Number
+967-1-370191 /2
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Our School

Sanaa International School (SIS) is a private, non-profit, Preschool-Secondary IV, co-educational, college preparatory institution. SIS was founded in 1971 in order to provide a quality education for expatriates living in Sanaa. Large corporations and governments primarily employ parents of our students. It is a highly mobile community. A number of Yemeni students also attend the school

Sanaa International School has two facilities. One is for the preschool, located in the heart of Sanaa in two spacious buildings surrounded by tiled play areas and a large garden. The second is the 34-acre Main Campus having three main instructional buildings and various sports fields and open spaces. Both secure sites have been developed to provide a safe place for instruction and extra-curricular activities.