The International Baccalaureate Diploma program offers many opportunities and opens many pathways. At Kyiv International School we encourage our students to participate in either the full diploma program or to focus on certificates in their areas of interest and strength.

Many universities around the world look to the IB candidates’ scores when making admissions decisions. Furthermore, many Canadian and American universities and colleges offer credits for IB classes successfully completed. Our KIS International Baccalaureate graduates have gone to universities around the world.

While the full diploma program is very rigorous, it encourages students to learn efficient study skills and time management. Kyiv International School's IB graduates report that the skills they learned in IB were crucial for their successful transitions to university.

The CAS Program (Creativity, Action, Service) encourages students to develop new interests, interact in a broader community, learn new skills, and live a balanced lifestyle. Asking students to participate in a variety of activities, and to reflect on their experiences, fosters a wonderful sense of community, and allows students to see how their actions impact those around them.