Three kinds of students are involved in IB program

  1. IB Diploma students (taking 6 IB subjects, TOK, CAS and writing an extended essay);
  2. IB Certificate students (taking some IB courses leading to examination);
  3. QSI students (willing to take some of IB subjects for QSI grades without IBexamination).

IB Diploma students, if they pass all of their exams successfully, will obtain two diplomas: the IB diploma and the QSI diploma with honors

IB Certificate students may obtain the QSI diploma with honors (if they take 2 IB subjects at HL or 1 IB and 1 AP subject) and IB Certificate(s) for the examination(s) completed.


The IB curriculum consists of six subject groups.
At KIS the following subjects are offered:

Group 1: Native or Near Native Language
– All students must take English

English A: Literature and Language
German A: Literature
Russian A: Literature
Ukrainian A: Literature
French A: Literature

Group 2: Second Language
French B
German B
Russian B
Spanish B
French ab initio
Spanish ab initio
Russian ab initio

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Group 4: Experimental Sciences
Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Group 5: Mathematics
Mathematical Studies

Group 6: The Arts
Visual Arts