Kyiv International School strives to provide your children with a safe and positive educational environment at all times. Our facilities are meant to be for students, staff, and parents to build school community and promote student and community activities. In alignment with the school’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures, CEESA guidelines, and updates Middle States Accreditation requirements, KIS would like to inform/remind everyone of the following: 



KIS has qualified health professionals on site to handle the health issues affecting your child throughout the school year.



We employ a full time guard force that monitors the campus 24 hours a day. Evacuation, lockout, lockdown, and shelter drills are held each term to ensure all students and staff are prepared in case of emergency.

As needed, the school regularly consults with local embassies to seek consultation regarding emergency procedures.

Click here to download the KIS Emergency Operations Plan 


  Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency and an early or delayed pick up is required, parents/guardians will receive an SMS from the School with specific instructions.


  ID Badges

ID Badges are a requirement for all adults on the campus. Please visit the Security Office or Reception if you have questions regarding this security procedure. For guardians, nannies, drivers or others who need to be on campus to pick up your child or children, please see the following guidelines:


  Dropping Off and Picking Up Children

Kyiv International School is a closed campus. Once on campus, students are not permitted to leave the campus without parental permission and office approval before 3:35pm. Parents are asked to contact the divisional office managers if their child plans to leave school early. If a student feels unwell at school, the office staff will notify their parents and arrangements will be made to leave school. Students are not permitted to leave campus without prior parent written notification.


  Nannies, Family Caregivers, and Bodyguards

KIS has qualified and trained teachers and teaching assistants who care for your children as they learn to be personally independent and responsible. To encourage independence in our students, we are asking that nannies, family caregivers, drivers and bodyguards are requested not to wait on the school premises during school hours unless they are asked by the class teacher to participate in that day’s activities. 

Drop off – we ask that nannies, caregivers, drivers, and bodyguards, who are dropping off students in the morning, please depart from the school campus by 8:35 AM.

Pick up – we ask that nannies, caregivers, drivers, and bodyguards, who are picking up students in the afternoon, to only come on campus after 3:00 PM and wait in the main lobby.


  School Transportation

Each school bus has a bus monitor at all times. A limited number
of seats are available on each bus and all persons are required to wear their seatbelts while on the bus. On school outings or trips, the teachers are responsible for ensuring that all children are properly seated and strapped into their seatbelts at all times. Teachers and Assistant Teachers are always present in each bus and seat themselves interspersed among the children to ensure adequate care and supervision.


  School Bus Expectations

     Be Safe

  •          Where your seatbelt at all times
  •          Remain seated and facing forward
  •          Keep the aisle clear
  •          Keep hands, feet, body, and objects to yourself

     Be Respectful

  •          Follow the bus monitor and drivers directions
  •          Use conversational voice
  •          Use kind words

     Be Responsible

  •          Be on time
  •          Keep the bus clean
  •          Take all of your things with you

     *If needed the bus monitor will assign seats.



The physical and inner health
of your child is very important to their success at KIS. We strongly encourage a good night's sleep and nutritious breakfast before each school day. It is normal for children to experience various sicknesses as they grow and all families have individual ways of dealing with this. As all teachers take a special interest in your child's health they would be happy to discuss this with you at any time.

If your child is showing early signs of illness, please consider keeping them at home. All working parents know the desperate feeling of needing to go to work when a young child is not well. The teachers are very sympathetic with the situation, but we urge parents to arrange back-up childcare. Even though children often appear healthy in the morning following an illness, we require that any children who has a fever, diarrhoea, and/or vomiting not to return to school until they are clear of these symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours. If you find your child has contracted lice or any other contagious disease, do not send your child to school. Please notify the school immediately so that other families can take appropriate measures.

If your child appears ill and has been checked by the school’s health professionals parents will be telephoned and we kindly request that you pick-up your child.