QSI Bratislava has completed a seven-year search for outstanding facilities that will serve students better for the next 20+ years.

Ours is a beautiful and special city in a wonderful nation. With the help of parents, the government, and the diplomatic community, we have been introduced to many proposals. Security, available amenities, location, and other considerations, as well as affordability thresholds made it a long process. 

The invitation to relocate to purpose-built facilities exceeding those offered by any other international school in the nation has been selected.


We invite you to see the long-term opportunity to locate in Samorin.  Located 26 km from the city and adjacent to the X Bionic Sphere facility in a defined campus to serve 225+ students offers:

·         The Finest, newest learning facility in Bratislava

·         The Finest, newest and most comprehensive athletic center in Bratislava

·         Professionally led after-school options on site in music, arts, sport and more

·         Work space on campus for the 21st-century professional parent

·         Recreation opportunities for the entire family

·         Complimentary busing from/to the city center for students


QSI International School of Bratislava quality and integrity in new spaces:

·         IB and AP programs of superior quality

·         small average class sizes

·         the highest % of qualified, experienced, native English-speaking faculty

·         athletic, arts, and academic experiences with many international schools


Campus Renderings

Building Floor plans

Samorin Emergency Resources


⇒ Update regarding accelerated plans for motorway completion to Samorin from City Center & Vienna