Students are expected to be in school every day that school is in session (180 days). The school will provide each student with a calendar indicating the days of school, holidays, events, etc. At QSI Skopje, we have a “closed campus”, that is, once students enter the school grounds, they are not allowed to leave until the school day is finished. Exceptions can only be made for students 12 and up by written parental permission and Director permission.

Below is our basic arrival/dismissal schedule:

7:45 – 8:00

Parents or buses arrive with students at school.

• In Preschool, Parents drop off students in the classroom with the teacher
• In levels 5 to 8, parents may come inside to help with dropping of backpacks and so on, then all students go to the gym or the cafeteria downstairs
• In levels 9 and up, parents (or bus) drop off the students and students immediately go to the gym or cafeteria

Students go to the classroom


Dismissal: students go to buses or are picked-up by parents


Parents with children and buses leave school

Students are expected to arrive at school between 7:45 and 8:00. Students who arrive after
8:05 will be marked tardy. This does not apply to those students who use the school bus. Regular tardies will result in disciplinary measures and/or a conference between the parents and the administration to solve the problem.
If a student needs to leave school early, the parents must inform the school either in writing or contact the office by telephone (Zaha). Students will not be allowed to leave campus without formal notification.

If you know in advance that your child is going to be absent, please inform the school explaining the circumstances including, if possible, how long the child will be absent. Parents who must leave town for an extended period of time without taking their children are asked to provide information concerning the arrangement for supervision of their children outside school hours.
If a child is ill, be sure to call the school office so that the teacher(s) can be notified. Many illnesses are contagious, so we ask you to exercise good judgement before sending your child to school. On occasion, it may be better for all involved to keep your child(ren) at home if they are ill.

A door-to-door bus service is hired by the school and is available for QSI Skopje students. This service is optional. Parents may sign up for a 1,600 US $ fee. QSI Skopje is monitoring this service on a daily basis.

1. Please make sure we have the exact routine week for your child(ren) as some of you did not request bus service every day and “round trip.” We do want a regular weekly schedule for every child so that there is no confusion.
2. Please make sure your children are ready in the morning to be picked-up at the
time you received on the schedule. Drivers have been told to wait not more than 5 minutes past the scheduled time, to assure a timely arrival for everyone to start classes in the morning.
3. Only students on the bus list are allowed to ride the bus to and from home.
4. For any pick-up changes on the same day, please notify Zaha in the office or at
071 310101 before 12:00 Noon for that day. For space, safety and security reasons, we cannot change plans for bus riders after that time for the same day. Thanks for your understanding. For any other changes, please call Borce: 071 209063

Thanks for your great cooperation in making this bus service efficient and safe!

To ensure the safety and security of all students, please follow the procedure below, as well as any directions from the security staff and/or other school personnel:
• 7:45 to 8:00 - Student drop-off by car at the front gate or walked-in by parents at the front gate
• 8:00- All school gates will be locked; to enter, please ring the bell at the front gate; the guards will open the gates for you.
• All students who arrive on campus after 8:00 must be accompanied by parent/guardian up to the security desk. (not dropped off).
To ensure a prompt beginning of the school day, all parents who walk their children onto the campus should leave campus by 8:00, except on Community Time days.

Afternoon Elementary Dismissal:
• No child will be released to a person other than the parent/guardian who does not have written per-mission, or, in emergency, verbal permission granted directly to the teacher or the office by phone. This includes parents of other children who have organized a play date.
• After the bell rings to dismiss students from class, students will go with their teachers to a dismissal area. Students who take the school bus will be placed in the proper bus by QSI staff and bus drivers. Students with on-site after-school activities report to the appropriate classroom. Students walking home unaccompanied or riding a bicycle must have a written permission from the parent/guardian on file. The school strongly advises the use of bicycle helmets.
• Parents who pick up their students must park their cars in the parking areas in front of the school. Parents and students enter campus through the front security
gate. Students with off-site after-school activities (i.e. tennis) are picked up to go the activity by the designated adult.
• Please make sure your child(ren) is/are picked-up between 15:50 and 16:00. If a child is not picked up by this time, (s)he will remain under supervision of the school staff, and the parents will be called by the school office.


• Parents/guardians may stay on campus for free community play until 17:00.
Please note that the parent/guardian is responsible for supervision of his/her child(ren) and NOT the school staff.
• Children may not go inside the school buildings without being accompanied by the parent/guardian (i.e., using the toilet, going to speak to a teacher).
• 17:00: All parents and students should leave the school grounds so cleaning/maintenance staff may begin work.


All students are expected to go home after school unless attending an after-school activity. Any alteration in the student's normal schedule must be reported to the office before 12:00 for the same day. We want to know that our students are safe at all times.

Homework is an integral part of the school day. The purpose of homework is to practice the skills taught that day in school or to prepare the student for future work. There are three categories of homework: practice reinforcement, preparation, and extension activities. For example, homework may be a prerequisite to taking a test for evaluation. It is important that the completion of homework become a routine student responsibility. Parents can assist in the development of this important study skill by helping the student establish a regular time and place each day for this task.
Students may expect to have daily homework tasks which will range in total between 10-
30 minutes for the younger levels and up to an hour and a half for the upper grades. Teachers may also assign special tasks over the weekend or holiday breaks, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Please feel free to discuss specifics about homework with your child’s teacher(s).

To provide an appropriate school atmosphere, students are required to wear proper clothing. In general, clothing should be neat and clean. Clothing should not offend either the users of the school or the community. Hats and sunglasses are appropriate for outdoor activities, but should not be worn in classrooms unless authorized by a teacher. Dress guidelines are in effect for all field trips and may be more conservative or relaxed if the circumstances of the trip require it.
Students are given time before and after each PE lesson to change into the school PE T- Shirt. All students should wear or bring with them proper clothing such as shorts or gym pants, t- shirt, and sports shoes. Students who do not wear or bring with them proper PE clothes may be excluded from the lesson. If parents have any questions or concerns about PE attire, please discuss the issue with the administration.
There will also be a school polo for sale that students may wear on field trips and other days as they wish.

We encourage parents to provide a nutritional breakfast so that students are ready to start the day. All children should bring a small snack for the mid-morning recess as children often need some sustenance about this time of day to maintain their energy level and attention span. The healthier the snack, of course, the better it is for the child. Fruits are provided for all students during morning recess.
Lunch service at the school is optional. The school hires the services of a professional catering service to provide lunch. Menus are set by the school, and we are making every effort to balance healthy food and what we know the children like to eat. Since we have many cultures in our school, it is difficult to meet everyone's eating habits. Many students bring lunch from home. We will also prepare, on occasion, special meals for the whole school, such as a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. There is no pork meat in the school provided lunches.



1. During School Hours

The following snacks maybe sold to students at any time during the school day, with the
teacher’s permission to go to the community Center:
- Granola bars
- Fruits
- Orange juice (freshly pressed)
- Water
- Apple juice (processed – good quality-low sugar) (Items to be added as we buy more healthy foods)

Brownies on Fridays only (Not more than one Brownie per child)

2. Before School hours and after school hours

When parents are present on campus or in the Community Center, students are allowed to buy everything parents allow, to be consumed before or after school hours.

3. Students with allergies.
Students with allergies are not allowed to buy anything in the community center unless their parents are present when they purchase. (A list of students with allergies will be given to the CC attendant)



With the teacher’s permission to go to the community Center, students in levels 12 and above can purchase snacks and drinks at the Community Center. If a student is excessively buying soda and/or brownies, parents will be notified to make sure that is approved by them.

Upon registration, the Director will request that parents sign a permission slip for each student participating in a trip that requires any use of transportation. The signed permission slip is valid throughout the school year.