QSI Skopje is happy to announce that we will again offer our students catered lunch service with the same company working with the school for the past three and half years (The American Café).  The company provides free of charge lunch for the first two days of school to all students who wish to eat or try the school lunch.

Sign up for the lunch program is per term and new menu is issued every 5 weeks.


Each daily lunch menu offers two main- dish freshly cooked  choices to choose from, common thread for all students eating school lunch- steamed vegetables, fresh salad, bread bun, fruit and vegetable platters with a child friendly dip, and a drink – water, milk or juice for levels 9+. More details about the lunch program are sent home to QSI families.


For the latest lunch menu, please click here.


If you would like to sign up your child or  need more information, please contact the office. 


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