Special Programs and Facilities

The school grounds are fully enclosed and monitored by security guards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every precaution has been taken that your children are safe during school hours. In addition to our classrooms and library, students enjoy the following recreational facilities:


  • indoor gym
  • outdoor basketball and soccer court and tennis court
  • two grass play areas
  • jungle gym and swings
  • sand box
  • numerous bicycles and other toys


The gymnasium, fields, playground, multipurpose rooms and even the classrooms are available for after school activities coordinated by the school. These facilities can be reserved through the school administration.

Facilities can also be reserved for community events, like drama, sports, social events etc. In certain cases the school will ask for a fee to cover extra expenses if necessary. Students involved in these activities must be directly supervised by an adult at all times.


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The playground is available to students at various times during the day, notably recess, lunch break, and after school. During these times, there are at least two adults supervising the area, and we expect all children to engage in safe play activities at all times. If students play inappropriately or too aggressively, the supervisors will intervene. We will not tolerate rudeness, inappropriate language, aggressiveness or any other form of unsocial activity. Students may be assigned a ‘time out’, and if problems persist, students may find themselves excluded from communal play until they are ready to behave appropriately.

School supplies, text books and lockers

The school supplies textbooks, paper and pencils, crayons, paints, etc. for student use while at school. Students will need additional paper and writing material for use at home. Generally each student brings a backpack for carrying materials to and from school. The textbooks are on loan to the student and it is his/her responsibility to take good care of school materials. Reasonable wear and tear is expected, but willful destruction or loss of books will result in the student having to pay the full price of a new textbook.

The older students are assigned a lockable metal locker in which they may store their books and other materials. Students must keep the locker area neat and tidy. The school reserves the right, under special circumstances, to search lockers.


  • Automated library checkout system with more than 8,500 books
  • Video and audio selection available
  • Automated card catalog available for research

During the past few years, the library has undergone a major expansion, with over 8,500 volumes added to the collection. The collection contains a large selection of books, magazines, and audio-visual materials for students as well as professional books for teachers. These are all cataloged into an electronic library system Follett Destiny. The library is open during regular school hours from 8:00 until 16:00. Since the Library is used for classes throughout the school day, please be respectful when entering the library.

All students visit the library at least once a week during their scheduled library time when they are instructed on checkout procedures and care of books. Children are allowed in the library only with supervision. Students have been instructed on the checkout procedure. Students and parents are asked to follow these simple guidelines when using library books.


  • Clean hands are a must;
  • Never write in a library book;
  • Always use a bookmark and do not bend pages;
  • Return or renew books by the indicated due date;
  • Do not take library books on summer vacation


Parents are expected to pay replacement costs for lost or damaged books or CDs/DVDs. These rules are not meant to discourage patrons, rather they are necessary in order to maintain our collection.

Lending Policy

Students (Level 7 and up) may check out a total of three items for one week and may renew an item once. Teachers may check out an unlimited number of items for 2 weeks and may renew items once. Parents may check out five items for two weeks and may renew items once.

Library System

Since September, 2008 we have been using a new library electronic system. This system is used for cataloging new items and circulation (Check Out/Check In). Thanks to these new services, students have instant access not only to the books inside the QSI Library but also to thousands of, grade appropriate internet sites with just one search from Destiny.

Book and Movie Swap

Adults visiting our campus have the opportunity to join our Book and Movie swap program. We have a wonderful selection of fiction books and movies in English from a variety of genres. Book and movie donations are also welcome. Check us out during opening hours.

Science Classes

  • Science lab with supplies and equipment
  • Natural forested areas for outdoor activities

Computer Lab


  • Modern networked computer lab
  • Optic Internet access throughout the school
  • Software programs to support educational units

Language Programs

  • QSI International School of Skopje offers students the 
    opportunity to study Macedonian, French, German, Spanish and Italian

Indoor Gym

  • Sports and seasonal activities

Art Room

  • Dedicated art room

Music Room

  • Instrumental and Music classes 

Playing Areas

  • Playground equipment for younger children
  • Outdoor basketball area and soccer area, and tennis court
  • Two grass play areas
  • Jungle gym and swings
  • Sand box
  • Urban Ecological Garden
  • Sports indoor gym

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Dancing, cooking, drama, computer club, art and crafts, 
    sports, scouts, and seasonal activities