If you have visited our school, you received our school's Information Package folder. You will find the registration forms in this folder.

If you did not visit our school, you can download these forms here:


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QSI desires all of its students to be successful. Parents are asked to contact the school prior to or upon arrival in the country so that the school and teacher(s) can make the necessary arrangements to welcome the new student(s). Parents are asked to submit completed application materials which are available at the administrative offices. All new students who enter QSI Skopje do so on a probationary basis. The school reserves the right to dismiss any applicant whose application remains incomplete (e.g. missing transcripts from previous schools or other relevant documentation) or who is found to have been dismissed from another school for academic or behavioral problems. The regular program of the school and the resources available are such that we are unable to provide services for children with special needs. It is our desire to ensure that parents do not misunderstand or hold incorrect expectations of the school and what services it can provide. The administration may assist parents locate special services outside of QSI Skopje if needed. Therefore acceptance to QSI Skopje is contingent upon the following:

  • The school must receive a completed application form.
  • The school must have copies of all previous records (report cards, achievement test results, and psychological tests, if applicable).
  • The school must have on file a copy of the completed medical information form (included in the application packet) and vaccination record before admission to the school.
  • Students will be admitted on a "space available" consideration for each grade level.
  • The school is unable to provide services for every type of exceptional need. Therefore, the school will determine the ability of a student to participate in the regular school program, and the school's ability to provide an appropriate "special needs program" based on the student's past records, professional evaluations and/or assessment interview by school staff.



All students will be placed in the appropriate grade according to the cut-off birth date indicated in the school policy statement: to enter Level 3 or 4 (equivalent to Preschool), the student must be at least three years old by November 1st; to enter Level 5 (equivalent to Kindergarten), the student must be five years old by November 1st. Placement for Levels 6 (equivalent to 1st grade) and up will be based on previous school placement and achievement. Students six years old and above will be asked to take placement exams in several subjects to ensure proper placement.


In order to be considered officially enrolled in QSI Skopje parents must provide a completed application form and all records from their previous schools. QSI Skopje will keep current school records as well as those, which accompanied the student from their former schools upon enrolment into QSI Skopje. When a student is withdrawn from QSI Skopje the parents will hand carry all records to the next school. QSI Skopje will not keep school records once a student is withdrawn, with the exception for secondary student transcripts.


Health information must be provided by the parents for each child attending QSI Skopje. These records must be kept current, and any changes should be reported to the school immediately.


QSI Skopje welcomes students with little or no English language skills enrolling at the pre-school and elementary level. Students in need of Intensive English instruction may be pulled out of the regular classroom to receive special tutoring during select classes throughout the day. Our school's Intensive English program follows a specially-developed Intensive English Program-of-Study cooperatively written by experts and QSI Skopje. Students whose academic performance indicates that they are ready to move out of Intensive English are mainstreamed into regular core subjects. Placement depends on academic levels of achievement but is commonly no lower than one level below the appropriate age group. Students may continue to receive individual support as needed.

Students in the middle and upper school range may be denied access to QSI Skopje if their English language skills are found to be significantly below the age-appropriate academic level. The school may administer English language proficiency tests to determine a student's level of spoken and written English.


Students withdrawing from QSI Skopje must fill out a withdrawal form. The student must check with all his/her teachers and the librarian that all books are returned. Upon receiving information from the accounting office that the student's financial obligations have been fully met, the school will provide the student with official records and cover letters (if needed). Parents are kindly requested to let the school know well in advance of this decision. It takes time to prepare the paperwork students will need for their next school.