The school employs 21 full-time teachers plus six part-time teachers. There are seven paraprofessionals, a director, academic coordinator, nurse, librarian, IT manager, administrative assistant, receptionist, accountant, and 2 intensive English instructors. Part-time and full-time teachers provide instruction in Art, Music, P.E., Technology, Library, and Languages.  The school has 24-hour security provided by guards and cameras. There are also maintenance and custodial personnel.  

 Music Teacher

10 years in education: State School #38; Private school “Ecol”; QSIB

Сhildren’s state music school #1 (piano class graduate); School of Arts #6 (drum class graduate); Master’s Degree in Political Science (Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, 2010)

Interests: Snowboarding, dance, computer games, and sound design

Art Teacher

9 years in education: QSIB; Assistant teacher for grades Pre-K, 2, 3, 4, 5; Art teacher K-Secondary

Bishkek Humanities University,Bachelor of International Journalism, 2004; Lyceum of applied art, Master for the production of traditional kyrgyz articles and souvenirs made of felt, 2015

Interests: I am a mother of three kids. I am in love with art and everything related to it: crafts, felt embroidery, painting etc. And I’m really interested in psychology, especially child psychology, that finds out how art affects the inner world of a person, and vice versa.

Physical Education Teacher

27 years in education; Secondary school #65, Silk Road International School, BIS- QSIB (as a full time PE teacher, 2001)

The State Institute of Physical Education, Frunze(Bishkek) 1989. Diploma of a Specialist and Health Instructor (Master's degree)

Interests: Tennis and skiing

 Library Teacher

10 Years of Experience: QSIB

Interests: Reading, music and traveling

Technology Teacher

17 years in education: English courses for adults (Kyrgyzstan); P-K - grade 6 assistant; Technology teacher K-Secondary (QSIB)

International University of Kyrgyzstan:BA and MA Foreign Language and Translation; Buffalo State University of New York: MA in Multidisciplinary Studies

Interests: Educational technology, swimming, arts and crafts

Russian Language Teacher

22 years in education: Speech Therapist at High School # 42 and Preschool # 126; Teacher-methodologist at High School # 61;Russian Language Teacher at QSIB.

Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University of Arabaeva, 1994. Diploma of Speech Therapist and Teacher of Russian Language and Literature.

Certificates: International Associations “Step by Step”(2004, 2008, 2011), Open Society Institute, Foundational for Educational Initiatives Support, Bishkek.



Kyrgyz Language Teacher

16 years in education:  Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University, private school, secondary school and Peace Corp

Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University: English Language and Literature Diploma with Honor

Interests: Reading and cooking

French Language Teacher

10 years in education: KGZ Public school, KGZ Private school in Bishkek

Kyrgyz State University in Bishkek: Romano-Germanic Philology Diploma

Interests: Hiking, cinema, music and chess

 Intensive English Teacher 

19 years in education: private schools in KGZ; Business English teacher for MBA students; English courses; interpreter for TCM

Arabaev University of the Kyrgyz Republic: English Language and Literature, Diploma with Honors

Interests: Reading and cooking  

Intensive English Teacher

17 years in education: American Studies Instructor at Kyrgyz State National University, Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University, English teacher at “Access American Programs” courses, QSIB (9 years)

The Arabaev Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University of the Kyrgyz Republic: Teacher of the English Language and Literature Diploma with Honor

Certificates: Intensive Internship in American Studies (University of Kentucky, USA); Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (The Soros Foundation- Kyrgyzstan; Basic Communicative Methodology (The Soros Foundation- Kyrgyzstan)

Interests: I really enjoy working at QSIB! Students I teach and colleagues I work with are great motives for me to love and be delighted with QSIB! I also help with the Literacy Committee, Fall Festival, and Field Day Committees. Outside of school, I love cooking, reading and embroidery. I am so happy to be a part of such a highly qualified school as QSIB!