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 QSI Recruiting Events and Recruiting Fairs | 2014-15 
QSI Recruiting Events Recruiting Fairs
Dates Location Dates Location
December 14th Boise, Idaho December 8th - 10th ISS [Atlanta, Georgia]
January 11th Portland, Oregon January 24th - 27th SEARCH [Toronto, Ontario]
January 11th - 12th Chicago, Illinois January 24th - 26th Queens [Kingston, Ontario]
January 18th Phoenix, Arizona January 29th - February 2nd UNI [Waterloo, Iowa]
January 18th - 19th Minneapolis, Minnesota January 30th - February 2nd SEARCH [Boston, Massachusetts]
February 2nd - 3rd Boston, Massachusetts February 2nd - 6th ISS [Boston, Massachusetts]
February 14th - 15th Dallas, Texas February 9th - 13th ISS [San Francisco, California]
February 15th - 17th SEARCH [San Francisco, California]
February 21th - 24th SEARCH [Vancouver, British Columbia]
June 14th - 16th ISS [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]
Each teacher or administrator hired at one of the above QSI recruiting events will be credited with $300 to assist with travel expenses June 20th - 23rd SEARCH [Bethesda, Maryland]

Quality Schools International - Employment Opportunities

Flag Location School Name Openings Total
flag China , Chengdu QSI International School of Chengdu » Secondary Science (Phys/AP Phys)+Math (Algebra)
flag China , Dongguan QSI International School of Dongguan » IT
flag China , Shenzhen QSI International School of Shenzhen-Nanshan » Preschool
flag Kazakhstan , Atyrau QSI International School of Atyrau » Kindergarten
» Second Grade
flag Ukraine , Kyiv Kyiv International School » Middle School English
Current as of: 01-Aug-2014 Total: 6