Main Campus Athletics

QSI Shenzhen not only has a complete and challenging academic program, it has a dynamic extracurricular program as well. Students from ages 9 and up have a large number of sports and activities in which to participate after school and inter-scholastically. Many QSI Shenzhen students find life just gets more challenging after school. Though students must be academically eligible to participate in these activities, our goal is to maximize student participation. Students do not get cut from activities at the Main Campus.

The QSI Shenzhen Middle School sports program offers opportunities for athletes at all levels. Soccer, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, and Basketball are large team sports that offer competition at the varsity, JV, and 11-year-olds levels, including exchanges and championship tournaments with other schools. However, we offer Badminton, Swimming, Track, and Cross-Country as well. Students of all ability levels can find meaningful interaction and competition at their level.

At the Middle School level (ages 11–13) we compete against local schools in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong as a member of SDRC (Southern Delta Region Conference). In Middle School there is a season-culminating SDRC tournament held either in Shenzhen or Guangzhou. The Middle School is a member of the Southern Delta Regional Conference. This year there will also be a PRC Middle School tournament for younger middle school kids. (We do have some MS athletes compete in XC, tennis, table tennis, golf, swimming and T&F, however there is no separate middle school team in these sports, and participation is at the discretion of the coach and athletic director.)

Boy & Girls Basketball is a very popular sport at QSI Shenzhen Middle School. Students 11–13 are encouraged to participate in various levels of ability. We have both boys’ and girls’ divisions with SDRC for the varsity teams, PRC for students on the B teams, and U12 for students 11 years old and younger.  Each group practices 3–4 times per week all season long, and participates in exchanges and tournaments with other schools.

Boys & Girls Soccer is the first sport of the year. Practices start right after school opens and run through October. QSI Shenzhen can support three levels of play for both boys and girls teams with the SDRC (A Team) PRC (B Team) and U12 (11-year-olds team). Turning out for soccer is a great way to meet classmates, get some exercise, and start developing your skills. 

Boys & Girls Touch Rugby starts in November and runs right up to the winter break. This is a fast-paced team game that is a challenge for everyone who plays it. It is NOT a contact game; it relies on strategy and speed rather than force to score points and win matches. Practices are held right across from Main Campus and QSI Shenzhen can support two teams to play in the SDRC and PRC leagues.

Boys & Girls Volleyball is one of the most popular sports at QSI. The season starts just before the winter break and generally runs through February. QSI Shenzhen offers competition at three levels with the A team (which plays in the SDRC League), the B team (which plays in the PRC League), and the U12, or 11-year-olds team, for both boys and girls. Volleyball is very much a skill-based game, and the earlier students start the more success they will see through their school days. Both boys' and girls' teams are generally in the finals of volleyball as many students are keen to practice volleyball on their own all year round.