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QSI international School of Chengdu was established in 2002 to provide a quality English language education for ex-pat families living in Chengdu China. We offer a well-rounded curriculum taught by certified instructors, based on the Mastery Learning approach to education. Our students, whose families come to Chengdu for business, humanitarian missions, and government assignments, come from over 33 nationalities, making us a true international community.


QSI Chengdu is an independent co-curricular program offering a quality education for students from age 3 through secondary school graduation.  We hold full accreditation from Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. The Quality Schools International Board of Directors, as well as our local Advisory Board governs the school.


QSI Chengdu follows a model of education, Mastery Learning, which measures success by the accomplishments and attitudes of our students. We believe that all students can succeed, and the school must provide the conditions for success.


We believe in teaching the entire child, and working with parents to encourage students to adopt character skills that lead to success, long after formal education has ended. These Success orientations off Trustworthiness, responsibility, aesthetic appreciation, concern for others, kindness and politeness, independent endeavor, and group interaction our behavior traits we build and reinforce alongside our academic lessons.


As you become acquainted with QSI Chengdu, you will find us to be a family and student friendly learning community characterized by openness, respect, and a sincere desire to meet the needs of all our students. Our door is always open, and we look forward to seeing you soon.




Jim Rehberg