PSG Meeting Minutes

October 1st, 2018

 In attendance: Jamie Martin, Hatidza Sadinlija Jakupović, Jakub Nesnidal, Natasha Bajuk, Britta Hansen, Megan Houck, Peter Hveljang, Snežana Mihajlović, Diana Ströhmann, Lejla Hadzimesic, Alina Bushnaq on behalf of the Student council


  1. Room parents and communication
  • All classes have been assigned the room parents, Mrs. Megan Houck joined to serve the Secondary III and IV; the only exemption is 11 YOC- if there will be no volunteer found up to next PSG meeting, Mrs. Jamie Martin would agree to serve as a room parent for this class.
  • The room parents  face difficulties obtaining the e-mails and their permission to use from the class parents, it has been agreed the PSG minutes as well as all essential communication can be  shared via the homeroom teacher as it seems the most feasible communication so far. Furthermore, all documents will be posted on the QSI facebook page and a link will be placed in the Howler.
  • Using Edmodo is considered as other communication channel to share the information with the parents; there will be testing on the features of Edmodo for the PSG group until the next PSG meeting. Based on the results, the room parents will decide whether to run    Edmodo for their class communication. PSG and QSI will provide support in set up.
  1. The International Day
  • There is a change of the date to Monday, November 19th, kicking off the International day
  • Parents can participate in a number of ways:

(i) parents can organize a Country Booth, described in the Guidance Flyer;

(ii) all parents are welcomed to prepare a dish typical of their home country for the International Buffet Lunch;

 (iii) parents and/or students, outside performers can present some performance related to their home country during f the Opening Ceremony

  • Parents organising a country booth are asked to designate a Lead Country Representative to be the liaison with the PSG and the school. Country Booth Forms and Guidance flyer will be circulated by email/Facebook/ Howler.
  • Country Representative should submit the completed Country Booth form back to PSG no later than Wednesday, October 17th. This form should state all the logistical needs of the Country Booth; for example, number of tables, outside access, electrical outlets, hot plates, TV, etc. Should there be some volunteers needed to help to run the booth, pls indicate this on the form, the QSI community would try to help.
  • International Week Committee will assign the locations to booth and provide timing and all related arrangments, presenting the DRAFT version on the next PSG meeting (November 5th)
  • Parents organizing Country Booths usually meet independently to decide what activities will be offered; some parents may wish to organize a “joint booth” representing more than one country.
  • Parents who would like to organise an activity, but not necessarily a whole country booth may also be accommodated together with other likeminded parents. Pls let us know on the
  • Booths can be set up either on Friday, November 16th, from 4:30-6 p.m. and/or                onSunday, November 18th from 3-5 p.m.
  1. PSG Budget Review

PSG has asked the school community to indicate the activities and their requests from the PSG funds for the current year, so far we are aware of the following activities and requests:

  • CESSA HS Girls Basketball Tournament March 2019 - rent of GYM and referees  
  • Model United Nations Confence in Rome, spring 2019 (to help to cover the associated costs)
  • World Scholar´s Cup in Sarajevo - spring 2019 - T-shirts for the participating students

Prior any decision on the PSG funds spending, the grant receiver shall present the project to PSG, providing written request with details. The PSG funds are limited and dependant on the proceeds from the Winter Concert and the Summer fair; High School students are continuously encouraged to raise their own funds by e.g. parties, sales etc.

 The next PSG meeting shall be held on November 5th.

 - QSI Parent Support Group